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Sunday, September 9, 2012

When life is unfair, unbalanced, unfazed, unfriended, and unappreciated: Trying to manage the “UNs”


“I think its liquid aggravation that circulates through his veins, not regular blood. “ – Charles Dickens

The past few months flew by and I was inundated with the “UNs”.  I have been acutely aware of how life can be especially UN-fair, and I’ve been dealing with some issues which have left me UN-balanced, and yet I have remained UN-fazed.

I have recently been UN-friended, both in “real life” and in the social media universe, due to a petty and immature situations and suspect agendas. But I have also been UN-derstood and experienced UN-wavering support by more than my share of wonderful, loving, kind, and generous people. As always, my life is filled with more good than bad, but the bad has taken a toll on my writing, or lack thereof, and my ability to focus.

One thing I noticed were some particularly telling facebook statuses, which I will share, as they truly capture what has been happening recently:

 §  There just aren't enough hours in a day, and I don't possess the energy, to write everything I would love to be writing right now. Trying to find balance, and manage my time and energy level, is my greatest challenge at the moment.

 §  I am going to jump on the bandwagon and just say that if you don't understand anything else about the horrific events that happened in that Colorado movie theater, understand this- Don't take a minute of life for granted. Love your loved ones as if each day was your last. No matter where you are, or who you are, there is no certainty in the future. I know the first thought that came into my head was my loved ones and how precious they are to me. HUG your loved ones a little harder today and be mindful of how blessed you are to still have them with you.
§  An emotional day. Thinking about Lance and then about the passing of Neil, and having a very great lunch with some awesome ladies, and missing my girls who are in Maine, and spending some great quality time with my mister. Life is really a series of emotions and events that can truly move you. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, and for all the amazing people who touch us, near and far. ((tears)) Hug your loved ones. I am hugging you all.

 §  I have come to realize that most people create their own personal Hell. Unless you, or someone you love, have an illness or similar uncontrollable condition/accident/injury, YOU HAVE choices, options, and opportunities to have a better life. There are reasons many people are unhappy, and most of the time it has to do with their own actions and choices. Most people hold themselves back because they are too stubborn, foolish, fearful, or lazy to make things better for themselves. It may take HARD WORK, effort, and a little pain- but the most of the time, the ONLY person holding anyone back from a better life is THAT PERSON! STOP the blame game and get over it. That is all.
§  PEOPLE of the world, please keep in mind that if you can't walk the walk, and can't talk the talk, DON'T call yourself something you aren't. Earn your f*cking stripes like the rest of us normal people had to do. If you do otherwise, you are a fraud and an imposter. I am red-hot right now. My fury may cause another earthquake.

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. “- William Pollard
So as you can see, I have been having some challenging and frustrating feelings whirling around and I am trying to manage the “UNs” in my life and keep a positive perspective. Some days I succeed, others- not so much.

  I am trying to keep up with my writing, but there are some impediments and blocks to my creativity right now. I am working through these issues and attempting to channel the angst and anger, but UN-fortunately, I am not winning that battle at this moment. The war is not over and I am not defeated, just a bit UN-dermined. I am determined to conquer this UN-pleasantness and rise above the fray.
“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.” – Mark Twain
As I work through the issues, situations, and UN-pleasant things I am dealing with, I am learning more lessons, gaining more insights, and realizing more and more how fortunate I am to have a strong spirit, a supportive and loving family, a treasure trove of loyal and constant friends, and that life is not always sparkling and joyful in every aspect. I am seeking to find solutions and balance to deal with the areas which, in this moment, are UN-settling, UN-fulfilling, UN-inspiring, and UN-nerving.
I remain UN-fazed, UN-deterred, UN-broken, and UN-relenting. Hopefully the cloud will lift soon and fall will bring some new adventures and challenges. Wish me luck, say some prayers, and let’s hope this difficult time will soon be a distant UN-pleasant memory.
“Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn from no other.”
– Benjamin Franklin


  1. Wonderful and inspiring.
    Sometimes we have to accept the crap with the cake.

    Thank you for this.

  2. THANK YOU for your kind comment and remarks. Yes, it is, isn't it?