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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is Just Being Grateful to Have a Job Enough?

In many offices and organizations, expressions of appreciation or gratitude are often viewed as unnecessary by co-workers or supervisors. I think it is critical to show and articulate thanks to anyone who gives assistance or support in any aspect of life, to include places of employment. Studies have shown that happy and content employees are those who work in environments where they feel appreciated and satisfied with their job.

ScienceDaily reported: “Thomas Wright, Jon Wefald Leadership Chair in Business Administration and professor of management at K-State, has found that when employees have high levels of psychological well-being and job satisfaction, they perform better and are less likely to leave their job -- making happiness a valuable tool for maximizing organizational outcomes.”

Wright said: “Happiness is a broad and subjective word, but a person's well-being includes the presence of positive emotions, like joy and interest, and the absence of negative emotions, like apathy and sadness.” Wright continued, “ An excessive negative focus in the workplace could be harmful, such as in performance evaluations where negatives like what an employee failed to do are the focus of concentration’, he said. When properly implemented in the workplace environment, positive emotions can enhance employee perceptions of finding meaning in their work.”

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Is Just Being Grateful to Have a Job Enough?

1 comment:

  1. Employers/managers are exploiting a frightened workforce. I have heard two say, "you should be glad that you have a job," right before setting out to really bully employees.

    Freelancers see the whole gamut of employment trends. The trend that I have been seeing since about 2006 is more akin to bullying than to management.

    I do not think that manufactured gratitude is an appropriate response to being mistreated.