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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Opening the next chapter: Becoming a freelance writer

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! I recently made a big life decision that has taken me years to have the courage to face. I am going to finally start aggressively pursuing my freelance writing career.  

I currently work in communications, doing writing and editing for a living; so the skills and the work aspect is nothing new. The new part would be taking on independent projects and work for individual clients and sources.

It is a big decision and it has taken me some time to feel ready. But I have reached a point in my life where I want to pursue more diverse and varied work and projects, and expand my writing.

 These are a few examples of professional freelance writing services:

  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Web copy/web content
  • Professional Biographies
  • Newsletters
  • E-mail copy

Check, check, check… Yes, I can do all those, and more!

 And what exactly does all of this “Freelance” stuff involve?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is somebody who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. These workers are often represented by a company or an agency that resells their labor and that of others to its clients with or without project management and labor contributed by its regular employees. Others are completely independent. 'Independent contractor" would be the term used in a higher register of English.
Fields where freelancing is common include; music, journalism, publishing, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, photojournalism, cosmetics, fragrances, editing, event planning, event management, copy editing, proofreading, indexing, copywriting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, website development, consulting, tour guiding, video editing, video production and translating.

Freelance practice varies greatly. Some require clients to sign written contracts, while others may perform work based on verbal agreements, perhaps enforceable through the very nature of the work. Some freelancers may provide written estimates of work and request deposits from clients.

Starting this new chapter is a bit daunting, but I am confident, ready, able and willing for it. Taking on new assignments will enable me to stretch myself as a writer and communications professional. I feel confident and believe that this is a bold step towards an enriching new chapter in my professional life.

So I am excited and happy about my decision and am hoping that I  will soon have some challenging and enriching projects to work on. If you know of anyone interested in a freelance writer, please be sure to pass my information on to them!

I am ready and prepared for a change, in my life and career; where my experience and knowledge has enabled me to be open to new challenges and areas of expression. It's taken a long time to reach this point and it feels very good to know that THIS is the right time!

WISH ME LUCK in my new endeavors!

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